Traffic Building 101: Blog Commenting

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If you have run a blog yourself, you have probably been conscious of the tendency of occasional “readers” to leave comments with little relevance to the posts. Occasional comments like “I like this! Great post!”, or “You should talk about this subject more often”, when they appear without any context, are comments to look out for.

The fact is that where you see these comments, it will usually be because the poster is trying to drive up traffic for their site. You will usually notice that their name appears as a link on the comment, and when you click it you are taken to their site. This is a simple method of promotion – and it bugs many bloggers to the point where they will delete all such comments.

This does not mean that you cannot use blog comments to promote your own site. There is some advantage to doing this if you do it correctly. First of all, you need to comment in a suitable way. Just saying “Great post!” makes you look at best like a sycophant, and at worst like someone who hasn’t read the post and simply wanted to see their name on screen.

Make sure you are commenting on a blog with relevance to your chosen topic. This will mean that people who click through may be interested in what you have to say. Actually read the post before commenting, too. When you have done this, you can ensure that the comment you post is relevant to the blog post and means that people who read it will be more likely to click the link and come through to your site.

Driving Traffic Every Way You Can

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There is divided opinion over the best way to drive traffic to a website. Webmasters the world over have their own ways of doing it, giving particular prominence in their plans to the ways they think will work best. If you are trying to create as much traffic as you can, it is in your best interests to not spend too much time thinking about which is the best way and instead concentrate on using a combination of different ways in a manner which suits you.

Bringing traffic to a website is something that relies on you taking the right measure in your approach. Social networking is important, as is forum posting and various other ways of driving traffic. What you need to do is use each medium in a way which complements the others. There is a real advantage to realising that you can take a lot from using these media for more than just placing links. A presence on Twitter or on online forums will expose you to other people’s tips and philosophies, and will give you the chance to learn things you didn’t realize could help you.

It is also important to realize that just being on a forum, or having a blog, will not drive traffic to your site. Equally, mentioning your site at every given opportunity will switch people off through sheer boredom. It is important instead to use the different media in a way which makes you interesting – it is much better to have people say “Oh, I see he/she has posted a thread” than for them to say “Oh God, has he/she posted again?”

The First Rule Of Traffic Directing

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A lot of people get into a real flap about not having enough visitors to their site, but fail to concentrate on other matters of importance. The truth of the matter is that if you want to ensure that people focus on something, you have to first give them something to focus on. It should go without saying, but in matters of website popularity, the first and most important thing to concentrate on is that there is a reason for your website to be popular. As the line from the famous movie Field Of Dreams goes: “If you build it, they will come”.

Nothing succeeds like success. You will definitely get more traffic through to your blog if you give people reason to “sell” it to their friends. The surest way to do this is to make it something people will want to read. A great number of people surf the Internet in the same way every day. They log on, read their email and then check on their favorite sites. For many people, their favorite site is a blog – something written by a person with a similar profile to them who writes in a funny, interesting way.

Of course there is more that you can do to get your site in people’s minds in addition to making the site good. But nothing will guarantee a build-up of traffic like writing things that people want to read. The first rule of website traffic directing is to have a website that is worth directing traffic to.